A new predictable day…

Reaction to the readings and to the process itself:

I guess the spoiler community has been developed and greatly encouraged by the producers of the TV show. It is a great marketing research platform, as well as an unbeatable source for understanding fans reactions to the story, which is core to their business.

It seems like they’ve done a very good job understanding fans’ motivations, and designing a game that engages them permanently. Even though there are only 5,000 fans on the Internet –versus 20M viewers – this platform also generates an important buzz outside the collective intelligence (i.e. press, reviews, critics, opinion leaders), which is critical when creating and keeping a “brand” for the TV series through massive media… becoming a virtuous circle!

Finally, I found interesting to get deeper into spoilers’ motivations, as well as understanding that it’s more a process than a goal, and it’s more a collaborative sport than a individual one.


Regarding the reading “Writing Sequential Art”, I am still concerned about who should be the master creator of a comic. On the film industry, for instance, the mastermind of a movie is the director – integrator and general manager of the work. However, directors are not the ones that created / originally conceived the story that is being told. That’s why I have always thought that the architect of a film is the screenwriter, and the director is mostly the “builder”.

Nonetheless, I accept that the hallmark comes from the director. A film could be immediately recognized by the director’s work, on an easier and faster way, while the story is more on a second layer of uniqueness and therefore of classification. In this regard I believe comic’s drawers / artists have a similar level of distinctiveness on the final work, and –regardless writers are the ones that originally conceived the story – that’s why they are supposed to “deserve” the authorship of the artwork, if there has to be one.


About the process of creating my own comic, I guess I was not totally clear about how the creative dynamic of a comic works (I did the reading after doing the exercise). So I just tried to make a “documentary” of my Tuesday, instead of previously thinking about the story development, and without predefining if it was going to be a realistic or a humorous piece. That’s why I started to make it realistic (more like a documentary), and when I was adding the “voice” to the character – which I did afterwards – I tried to find a more humorous approach.

It is also interesting how I tried to build a narrative along the story. What I did was to think on a problem / conflict / goal, and “talk” about it repeatedly along the comic (the readings for the class in this case).


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